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    Every Party Must Have A Tiktok Champagne Spray Gun

    Change your drinking style by using and showing off your new champagne squirt gun. Just attach your favorite champagne (beer) bottle and start spraying and drinking your friends until you get to the next bottle.

    How it works?

    • Compatible with any beer or sparkling wine, this gun provides a stream of up to 30 feet, making your favorite beverages lasting fun!
    • The spill-proof design allows for efficient, loss-free flow. Simply plug it in, snap it into place, flip it over, and you're ready to go! We also designed the system to be safely removed while the bottle is still pressurized.
    • Made of BPA plastic, the toy is safe, lightweight and compact to transport. 

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    A very interesting device that allows you to put an upside down 750 ml champagne bottle in the spray gun, which is very tasty. Besides, it can also act as a traditional wine stopper and pourer. The production technology and quality are excellent, and the hand feeling is good.

    You can fill any champagne bottle with this party weapon and use a sprayer to put a bottle of champagne on it, shake it and spray sparkling champagne on your friends

    This is a crazy new way to spray champagne that makes it more interesting and reduces confusion! The Resafy champagne gun can be attached to any champagne bottle and turns it into a robust champagne cannon.

    Humanized design: the choke trigger allows you to control the spray from a short or long distance; the contoured finger grip allows for comfortable one-handed operation; it also doubles as a bottle stopper to keep the champagne fresh and bubbly.

    You can not only drink, but also spray: the unique design even provides energy through the internal carbonation of the champagne bottle, so you do not need to shake it, just click to spray.

    • Durable high-quality aluminum and brass construction.

    • Throttling trigger for controlled spray up close or long distance.

    • Contoured finger grips for comfortable single-handed operation.

    • Doubles as a bottle stopper, keeping champagne fresh and bubbly.

    • The adjustable system snaps onto any champagne bottle for immediate fun.


    1️⃣ What bottles can I put in Beer Party Gun?

    You can use Beer Party Gun with beer bottles, champagne bottles, and even soda!

    2️⃣ Does this champagne spray gun leak easily??

    No! Beer Party Gun uses an airtight seal so you can keep your drink in it without worrying about losing any!

     3️⃣ Are there different adjustable levels or just one?


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