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  • [Newest Submersible Lights with Magnets and Suction Cups] IP68 waterproof submersible lights with strong magnets and suction cups, these lights will stay firmly in place.

  • [MAX 200FT/61M RF Remote Range]: Our underwater lights come with a RF remote with a long remote range (200ft/61m) that can even penetrate up 16ft/5m of water, this remote won‚Äôt lose signal.

  • [[13 LED, 20 Hours Long, Display, More Bright, More Durable]: Our waterproof lights have 13 premium LEDs, it‚Äôs 3 times more bright and vivid than other submersible lights which only have 10 LEDs, these lights will brighten your space.

  •  [16 Colors, Multi Options, Dimmable Pool Light Underwater]: Optimized 16 dynamiccolors, multiple modes (flash, fade, smooth), increased 4 timer buttons (2h, 4h, 6h, 24h), lighting for any occasion.

How it works?

Bright and Beautiful

"The lights themselves are great; they are bright, beautiful and make the pool look awesome. The colors were bright & it lit up my pool nicely. These guys are awesome. Sturdy well made and bright there is a lot of different ways to use them. Love it."

Jerry L.

Turn your Pool into the Absolute Paradise in just minutes

With the Underwater Pool Lights, you can illuminate your pool with 16 colors for different occasions. Purple, red, and green are amazing for parties of your dreams whereas blue and white are excellent for relaxing nights.

Best decoration led light for your home

It is also excellent for home decoration so you can place it anywhere you like.

It is so easy to use, and it contains a remote control that will allow you to change the color of all lights at the same time and change light intensity from the same remote.

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We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

See why thousands of happy customer love our led light


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Will these work in salt water pools?

Yes, It works great even in salt water pool. Some of our customers are using it and they gave positive feedback about it. 

I just bought 4 of these and now i am buying 6 more can i use the same remote for all 10

Yes, one remote control can control multiple lights at once.

How many light should I buy to have my pool like in the photos?

We recommend to buy at least 4 lights. Our customers used to buy at least 4 lights for their pool. The more you buy, the better your pool looks. And we have discount when you buy more. 

Can I return items if I receive damaged items? Yes! ...

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Important notes

                           Tips for LED Light

  • 1.Please make sure the sealing rings are in the grooves.
  • 2.Please try your best to screw up until the cap can not be twisted any further, to make it fully waterproof before putting it into water. ( very Important!!!)
  • 3.It‚Äôs better not use in hot water, because the vapour may go into the light, it will damage the components and lead to stop working.
  • 4.When you change batteriesÔľĆplease wipe off the water in the light, to keep the batteries case dry.
  • 5. If you don‚Äôt use for following long time, pleae remove batteries, it will help save power

                       Tips for RF Remote Control

1.Please remove the plastic insulating film on the bottom of remote before using it.

2.Please keep the remote dry from water, because it’s not waterproof, water will make it stop working.

3.Please long press the button"on" for 2 seconds to activate the light before setting, to make all lights light up together. Press longer if some lights don't response on time. ( very Important!!!)

4.Press the botton "w" to check if all lights are showing white color, whichever brightness is darker, it means the light batteries are in low power, lower power will weaken

                        Tips for Suction Cups

  • 1.Suction cup can be used in both air and underwater on flat and smooth surfaces. But not work on rough surface.
  • 2.Please clean the surface before attaching, make sure there is no any stuff between the surface and suction cups. Especially, clean all the lubricant which may come from shower cream, moss in swimming pool etc. Any lubricant will defeat it, so clean the surface is very important before attaching suction cups.( very Important!!!)
  • 3.Please pull the suction cups vertically if you want to remove them, don't pull it horizontally, it may pull out

                                       Tips For Magnets
  • 1.Magnet is perfect for any iron place which can be attracted by magnet, especially rough vertical surface, but not for smooth vertical surface, please use suction cup instead.
  • 2.This is all magnet feature, not our magnet's problem, not matter how big is the magnet, they have the same advantage and disadvantage, if you cannot attach by magnet, please try other way.

There are some misunderstanding we need to clear.

1.Some buyers mentioned our product leaked, it's because they didn't close the light complete before putting into water, please try your best to twist it until it can not be twisted any further, don't be meek to the light, otherwise, it will let water go inside. (very imortant!!)

2. When you take out of lights from water, some water may stay in the gap which is between outside of sealing ring and the cap, it's totally outside the battery case, it's not leaked, you can see inside the battery case, there is not any water, when you change batteries, if you don't wipe off the water outside the case, some water will fall into the battery case, and stay in the case. it will damage the components, and defeat the light in some time. So wipe off the water before changing batteries is very important!!!

3. Please press the button "on" on the remote for about 2 second to activate lights, if you press to short time, the signal is not enough to reach the lights after being absorbed, so some lights may not light up. It's not product problem, we design it as a little longer press for turning on is just for saving battery power, to make the light more durable. After turning on, no need to press long, the light will be very sensitive to react what you press. ( very Important!!!)

4.All suction cups have same advantage and disadvantage, same here as our suction cup. Our suction cup is not much big, but it's enough for holding the light in the water with water pressure.

What you need to note is the surface must be flat and smooth (not rough surface), and clean without any stuff between the surface and suction cup, especially need to remove the lubricant like shower cream, moss in swimming pool. ( very Important!!!)

5.Please pull the suction cups vertically if you want to remove them, don't pull it horizontally, it may pull out from the hole, there is the feature of design, it's not suction cup problem. Please note, and use it in correct way. ( very Important!!!)

In a word, use in correct way is very important, we don't hope you misunderstand us, and miss a good product and seller.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out, we are always here providing prompt respons to you within 19 hours.

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